PBA makes radio and TV programs to share the gospel with the Japanese.

Light of the World


Daily radio program

Easy to understand Bible messages! 

The “Light of the World” introduces Japanese listeners to the scriptures and the gospel message. Nine “radio pastors” record daily and weekly versions of the program.

LifeLine TV

30 minute TV program

Sharing the hope and peace found in Christ by exploring the lives of Christians from all over Japan.

“LifeLine” is a weekly 30 minute program that shares the lives and testimonies of Japanese Christians from all walks of life.

Japan’s small churches band together into “broadcast associations” and pool their resources to buy air time on commercial radio and TV stations. 


They then broadcast the programs that PBA makes for them, sending the gospel all throughout the broadcast area.


This graphic shows the locations and leaders of the broadcast associations all over the country.

PBA puts each local broadcast association’s name, address, phone, etc. into the programs. So when listeners have questions, or want a Bible, or want to try going to church, they are put right in contact with the local church in their town!

Comments like these come from listeners and viewers:

“I’m not a Christian, but somehow my heart feels cleaner when I listen. I wonder why?”

“I’ve been watching LifeLine for years. I would like to try going to church. Is there one near me?”

“Please send me a Bible.”